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How to obtain a clubhouse key


  1. Contact the club via this website

  2. When you have received a response, please make your £10 deposit and £10 clubhouse completion levy payments - the preference is that these amounts are paid by electronic bank payment, and the club's sort code/account number will be provided to you, however you may also pay by cheque or cash

  3. Print off and sign the Clubhouse Access Agreement

  4. Pick up your key as directed, bringing with you your printed agreement; the bottom of the agreement will be returned to you as a receipt


After completing these simple steps you'll be safe in the knowledge that you'll always have somewhere to shelter from any sudden rain showers and you can make yourself a cup of tea or use the toilet!


Please remember the last point of the agreement - details of how to add yourself to the clubhouse cleaning rota can be found on the noticeboard.

Access to clubouse - key requests

Adult members of Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club have the option to obtain personal access to the clubhouse by becoming a key-holder.


After being left in an unfinished state for around 10 years due to difficulties during its construction (see history for details), in 2016 the clubhouse interior was completed at last as the floor was levelled and covered with a hard-wearing material, skirting and architraves were fitted, and the internal doors and frames were painted.


To help towards the maintenance of the clubhouse, keys are subject to a one-off levy of £10.  This is in addition to a £10 deposit, which is refundable when the key is returned.

In order to receive a clubhouse key, members must be in agreement with the following points:


  • The member agrees to pay a £10 deposit, which is refundable on return of the key

  • The member agrees to pay a non-refundable levy of £10, which will not be deposited in the general club funds account but will instead be deposited in the Clubhouse Fund Account, to be used for clubhouse improvement and maintenance

  • The member commits to returning the key in the event that they should choose not to renew their membership i.e. they become a non-member (when their £10 deposit will be returned to them)

  • The member acknowledges that the key remains the property of Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club

  • The member agrees that the key will only ever be used by themselves or, in the case of a family membership, other adults covered by that membership – it must never be lent to junior members or to persons outside of the adult/family membership

  • The member agrees to always ensure that all lights and taps are turned off when leaving the clubhouse

  • The member agrees to always ensure that the clubhouse door is securely locked when vacating the premises

  • The member acknowledges that, when they have unlocked the clubhouse, they are responsible for the safety and security of the premises

  • The member agrees to leave the clubhouse in the same condition or better than when they arrived

  • The member agrees to join the cleaning rota to assist with keeping the clubhouse interior in a clean and tidy state


Members must sign a Clubhouse Access Agreement that details the above, before a key will be issued.

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