All three courts are available for members to book.  Members must therefore be are aware that, if they have not placed an on-line booking themselves, they may be asked to vacate the court by someone who has placed a booking.  To avoid disputes, after making a booking members should take evidence of their booking with them to the club (e.g. a print out or by accessing the booking system on a smartphone).


Note that in order to make a court booking the member must sign in to ClubSpark - this system controls the on-line bookings.  Many will already have registered to ClubSpark when buying their membership but otherwise members must first register before making a booking (and the email address used must match the one held for them in the system).


Despite the booking system, when the courts are busy members should always, where possible, do their best to maximise usage, for example by mixing with other members to play doubles matches.

NOTE: Please do not make a booking and then fail to make use of it!  This facility is monitored and, if it is not used correctly, it may be necessary to introduce a charge for bookings.  The booking facility may also be withdrawn from members found to be misusing it.

Note that the club is closed 8-10am on Sundays to allow the neighbours a peaceful lie-in!

ClubSpark Booker apps are available for both Android and Apple smartphones - download the app, login to your ClubSpark account, and use the app to manage your court bookings.