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Tennis Ball Machine Usage

Please read the following important points in relation to hiring the ball machine:

  1. The tennis ball machine must always be booked and the session paid for prior to use.
    This is very important - please see more details below *

  2. The machine is to be used only under adult supervision.
    Members who are aged under 18 may only use the machine with an adult.
    Under 18s are not allowed to book the machine.


  3. The machine's instructions must be read carefully and fully understood before it's used.
    Placing a machine booking is your confirmation that this step has been carried out.
    The club accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused when using the machine.


  4. The machine must only be used on Court 3.
    Note that the machine is quite heavy - please use the yellow ramp to move up and down the step between Court 2 and Court 3.

    The machine is not suitable to use on Court 1 or Court 2 as multiple balls will stray onto the other court and there will be an increased risk of uninvolved persons being hit by a high-speed ball.


  5. Court 3 must also be booked, at a time to match, in addition to booking the machine.

  6. All balls must be collected and returned with the machine at the end of a hire session, including any that may have left the court area.
    The cost to use the machine will increase should it be found that replacement balls are needing to be purchased on a regular basis.


  7. The remote control must also be returned with the machine and stored in the appropriate place. Usage of the machine is significantly curtailed without the remote and replacements are very expensive!

Steps to use the tennis ball machine:

  1. Read the instruction manual available via this link

  2. Book an available time slot on Court 3 using the online booking system (note point 4 below)
    > You must be logged into ClubSpark as a member when making the booking
    > For further information about court bookings please see
    the court booking page


  3. Use the online booking system to book out the ball machine at a time to match the court booking - select the time from the "Tennis Ball Machine" column; pay the fee as advised by the booking system
    > You must be logged into ClubSpark as a member when making the booking

  4. Send a prompt to receive the code for the storage cupboard's combination padlock - the club is notified when you pay for your booking, but this saves someone having to look up your email address!
    > We'll try to send it quickly but please try to book 12+ hours ahead to allow time to receive it

  5. In the machine's storage cupboard, unplug the charger before taking it out on court - press the button above the socket (at the back end of the machine) in order to unplug the cable

  6. After removing the machine and balls, leave the storage cupboard closed and locked using the combination padlock
    > This is to prevent the padlock getting lost whilst the machine is out on court!


  7. Enjoy using the machine but please be aware of safety - tennis balls are fired from the machine at speeds up to 80mph and have the potential to cause serious injury!
    Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained during usage of the machine, however caused - the user is responsible for ensuring their own safety and the safety of others


  8. At the end of the booked session return the machine and all tennis balls to the storage cupboard - don't forget the remote control!

  9. Plug the charging cable back into the machine to ensure it's ready for the next user

  10. Use the combination padlock to lock the storage cupboard's door/lid

ball machine sanctions

* The tennis ball machine must never be used without booking it out and paying for the sessionOur site isn't staffed so it's impossible to check for proper booking and payment before the machine is taken out for use, hence proper use of the machine is controlled by a combination of trust and the deterrent of penalties for improper use - anyone found to have used the machine without a valid paid-for booking in place will be subject to sanctions:
- 3 month ban for a first offence
- 6 month ban for a second offence
- Permanent ban for a third offence

Anyone using the machine during a ban will have their membership suspended.
Please note that no excuses will be accepted or free chances given - please follow the rules above to avoid any issues.

Former Club Secretary, James, filmed the following videos to help anyone about to use the machine for the first time...

Tennis Ball Machine Usage (1)
Tennis Ball Machine Usage (2)
Tennis Ball Machine Usage (3)
Tennis Ball Machine Usage (4)
Tennis Ball Machine Usage (5)
Tennis Ball Machine Usage (6)
Tennis Ball Machine Usage (7)
Tennis Ball Machine Usage (8)
Tennis Ball Machine Usage (9)
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