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League Rules (2023)

  1. The League shall be called the North Wales Tennis Summer League and only clubs registered as a venue with the LTA will be eligible to enter the League.  There will be a Mens Section and a Ladies Section and clubs may enter one or more teams. 

  2. Players may represent one club only in the competition and must be bona fide members of such club. Each Team must submit to the League Organiser a core of 2 players before the beginning of the season. These must be the best 2 available to the team. These 2 players cannot ‘play down’ under any circumstance.

  3. Where a club enters more than one team, no player having played in a higher team more than 4 times shall be allowed to play in a lower team during the season without the prior permission of the League’s competitions sub-committee. 

  4. If an ineligible player takes part in any match all rubbers involving that player will be conceded to the opposing team. If two ineligible players take part in a match, that match will be conceded to the opposing team. 

  5. The North Wales Tennis Competitions sub-committee shall format each division based upon the previous year’s final league tables, the pursuant rules and the current year’s entries. The committee reserves the right to promote and/or regularise the number of teams in each division as required to create a balanced league structure. 

  6. Fixtures will start at 6.30 p.m. on Wednesdays or alternative day/evening upon request to the committee. Matches may only be rearranged in the event of bad weather preventing play. Any queries on this should be directed to the League Organiser. If any pair is not ready to play by 6.45p.m. then one set shall be forfeited and if not ready to play by 7 p.m. then one rubber shall be forfeited.   

  7. The visiting pairs have the right to stay on the same court for both matches.  If the courts of the home team are unfit for play on the date arranged, the fixture may be played on some other ground by mutual agreement of the teams. 

  8. All competing clubs should make available 2 courts of an acceptable standard for each fixture which are equipped in accordance with the Rules of Lawn Tennis. The home team will provide three new LTA approved balls per court.  

  9. Team Captains should look to ensure they have a sufficient pool of players to be able to fulfil all fixtures over the season to allow for injuries/unavailability (a minimum of 6 is recommended).  

  10. Teams will consist of two pairs.  Each fixture will consist of 4 rubbers (matches).  Each pair playing against both the pairs of the opposing team.  The fixed draw is as follows:
    Round 1      1v1    2v2
    Round 2      1x2    2v1
    In all rubbers the first two sets will have a tiebreak at 6 games all – first to 7 points with a 2 point advantage.  Should it be one set all, the rubber will be decided by a match tiebreak – first to 10 points with a two point advantage.  

  11. The winner of each fixture shall receive 2 points and the loser 0 points.  Where the rubbers are shared 2-2 the fixture is drawn and each team shall receive 1 point.  A fixture will be considered to be completed if two rubbers have been played before weather or bad light causes play to be suspended, remaining rubbers to be shared between teams. If less than 2 rubbers have been completed team captains should carry on from the current score with the same team at the nearest possible date. 

  12. If a player is injured during play and is unable to continue, that rubber and the succeeding rubber in which she/he is unable to play shall be forfeited. 

  13. At the fixture both captains should complete a TWN score card and each retain their own copy. The two cards should be agreed and signed by both captains.  The Home team captain should submit the result online within 48 hours of the match.  The away team captain should check the results online and if necessary, challenge the result within 7 days of it being submitted by contacting the League Organiser. 

  14. Fixtures should only be rearranged in the event of bad weather preventing play. The home team must contact the visiting team in the event of it being found necessary to postpone the match due to bad weather or the unfit condition of the courts. In the event of a team being unable to fulfil a fixture, the opposing team will be awarded the fixture on 2-0 points, 4-0 rubbers (matches), 8-0 sets, 48-0 games basis. 

  15. League position will be decided by the number of points won. When points are equal, a percentage of rubbers (matches) won, then sets then games will determine league position. 

  16. If a club has more than one team in the Leagues, then the lower teams must be sacrificed for the first and second team when necessary. 

  17. The top team in each division will be promoted and the bottom team in each division will be relegated. Play-off matches will take place between: 
    i)  the 2 to bottom placed team in Mens Division 1 & the 2 placed team in Division 2 
    ii) the 2 to bottom placed team in Mens Division 2 & the 2 placed team in Division 3 
    iii) the 2 to bottom placed team in Mens Division 3 & and the 2 placed team in Division 4 
    iv) the 2 to bottom placed team in Ladies Division 1 & the 2 placed team in Division 2 
    Play-off matches will take place on a date and venue/s set by the NW Tennis Competitions subcommittee. The winning captain of each team should email the result to the League Organiser within 48 hours. The winner of this match will be promoted/remain in the higher division, whilst the losing team will be relegated/remain in the lower division. 
    If a play-off match finishes 2-2 in rubbers, the winner will be determined as set out below: 
    If rubbers are equal a winner will next be determined by most sets won and if these are also equal, most games.   

  18. All new teams entering the leagues each season will come into the lowest division, unless agreed with the NW Management committee. 

  19. Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of these rules shall be referred to the League Organiser by email within 3 days of the fixture giving rise to the dispute taking place or the date when the fixture should have taken place. The League Organiser shall seek the view of all parties involved before reaching a decision which shall be final. In the event that these Rules are silent on a particular point, the League Organiser shall refer the matter to the N W Tennis Competitions sub-committee whose decision shall be final.  

  20. When entering results online, the entering of an 'unknown player' is allowed if full name, dob and BTM number are provided in the notes section. 

  21. Postponed matches should if possible be played within 21 days and not left to the end of the season. Team captains should confer about suitable alternative dates and inform the League organiser when agreed. The date for the rearranged should also be added to the comments section next to the fixture on LTA Tournament Software.

  22. All matches should be completed within 14 days of the end of the fixture list relevant to the division concerned. 

  23. All captains & players must abide by the North Wales Tennis Winter & Summer League Code of Conduct. 

  24. Team captains and players should be familiar with the League’s rules and Code of Conduct prior to the start of the season.

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