The club operates two "adult" Club Play sessions each week during spring/summer, and one session per week in autumn/winter. These sessions, which are completely free to members, provide an excellent opportunity to just turn up and play some tennis with others in a relaxed and friendly environment and are open to all adults as well as juniors who have reached a suitable standard*.  Non-members are also welcome to attend, and they can attend one session completely free of charge - just come along and try us out!  Anyone wishing to attend more than one session without becoming a member can do so by paying a guest fee of £5 per session (this amount should ideally be paid on-line in advance of attendance).

And you don't need to come with anyone else, you can just come along and try your hand as part of a variety of team-ups against a variety of opponents. Someone from the club's management committee will be on-hand to welcome you and organise the sessions to create the most competitive matches.  Plus you don't even need to bring any tennis balls as the club provides the balls for these sessions; in fact you can even come along if you don't have a racquet as the club has a few spare racquets that can be lent out!

The club sessions are held all year round (tennis is not just for summer, as many have discovered!)  And during the autumn/winter period the club uses a WhatsApp group to organise the sessions - to request to be added to the group you must send an email to, including your mobile number, stating that you consent to your number being added to this group. This approach enables members to know whether or not the session will be on and whether it's worth waiting around for others to arrive.

We're in the summer season, session times:

10.00am-12.00pm Sundays
6.00pm-9.00pm Thursdays

(see notes below about start times)

Sunday Club Play starts at 10am through the winter months, however on frosty days the time will be delayed to 11am to give a little longer for the day to warm up (delay notified by WhatsApp - see above).  To keep up to date with the current start time please request to join the WhatsApp group (details above).

​* The club coach will decide when a junior is ready to attend the adult Club Play sessions