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Court 3 now freshly surfaced and ready for spring painting

Following on from the work last year to resurface and then apply the acrylic paint coating for two of the club's three courts, Court 3 has now joined Court 1 and Court 2 with a perfectly smooth new porous macadam surface.  As can be seen in the pictures below, temporary lines have been applied so that the court is useable for the remainder of the winter months, during which time the surface will fully cure ready for some suitable weather in spring when the acrylic paint coating will be applied.


This is a very expensive job (costing £10,500 for this court alone), and it has been made possible by agreement with the contractor that payment can be made in stages - part of the cost will be covered with club funds currently available and the remainder will be paid from membership subscriptions throughout the coming year.  With the club now able to offer such fantastic playing surfaces members will surely be more keen than ever to purchase their renewals, along with new members, who will be very welcome to share these excellent facilities!

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