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Commencement of floodlight installation

Work to install floodlights on Court 1 and Court 2 is due to commence soon.

Specialist lighting company Kingfisher Lighting will be undertaking the work, with the club initially closed 14-16 and 27-28 June to enable the work to be carried out.

Permission to install floodlights at the club was granted in 2003 as part of an application that included the construction of a new clubhouse, however whilst the clubhouse was built, the floodlighting part of the project was not progressed. The planning application remained in force (described as "extant") due to the approved project having been partly completed. A big thanks is due to Cllr David Williams for his assistance in tracking down the extant consent.

A Section 73 planning amendment to the approved application was submitted in November 2021 to bring the design up to modern standards, including the use of low-energy LED illumination that also provides a more targeted light source. The amendment was approved in February 2022, allowing the project to seek funding, which was obtained in the form of a grant from the Sport Wales Be Active Wales Fund, covering 80% of the project's extensive cost, the remaining 20% being covered by club funds. This project represents a very large investment into our community.

The lighting system will utilise a significant amount of technology to automate its operation. Payment for use of the lights will be taken online as part of the court booking, using the well established ClubSpark system, and the lights will switch on and off automatically. Our planning consent allows for the lights to remain on until 9pm and the system will not allow lighting to be booked any later than this.

The lighting system installation will also enable the introduction of electronic site access control. Each member will have their own code, which will be active to enable access at the time of their booking - they will simply enter their code into a key pad at the main gate. Pay-and-play users will be given a one-time code after paying for their booking. The new electronic gate access control system will significantly improve site security.

Update 20/6/2022

The club's management committee have taken the decision that, to ensure the safety of all members, courts 1 and 2 are closed to match play for the time being. The work carried out last week resulted in six one-metre deep holes at the back of the courts and, whilst these holes have been covered, the boards covering the holes could present a trip hazard.

Organised coaching will continue, these sessions being adapted to ensure the boards do not constitute a danger.

These closures are currently in place until Sunday 26 June, with all courts currently closed Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 June (see above). The hope is that all courts can be brought back into use from Wednesday 29 June onwards.

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