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Ladies team for midweek league

Last year the club fielded a men's team in the north Wales midweek league for the first time in a few years, and they did okay too as they narrowly missed out on promotion.  And this year the club will also be fielding a team in the ladies version of the league, which will be the first time the club has been represented in this league for many years!

Matches are usually played at 6.30pm on a Wednesday evening either at home or away at other club venues - the league table for summer 2013 shows that the most distant fixture was at Bangor, however as they finished in first place they will now move up to Division 1, making the James Alexander Barr Tennis Club in Colwyn Bay the furthest the team will travel this year.


Each fixture will involve two pairs of players from the club's ladies team and they'll play two matches, one against each of the other club's two teams.  The matches are the best of two sets, with a long tie-break being played in the event that the match goes to 1 set all.

All female club members are eligible to be part of the new ladies league team and there's no additional charge* - the club will fund the entry charge.  If you've never played competitively for a club before, don't let that hold you back - as this is a new team it will start off in the bottom division of the competition.  As of 9th January the team has 6 members, meaning they will need to play in 2 out of every 3 fixtures, so there's certainly room for more to join.  If you'd like to become part of this summer's ladies team, just get in touch, or go along to one of the coaching sessions and mention your interest to Mike.


​* Please note that, whilst there will be no charge for being a team member, there is the possibility that some men's and ladies' home fixtures may clash.  How we will deal with this situation has yet to be resolved - the Club Captain is going ask the league organisers whether it's possible for clashes to be avoided when the fixtures are drawn, but if this doesn't happen then other options will need to be considered. The first option would be to negotiate with the visiting clubs to move one of the fixtures to a different evening, but if this were to prove impossible it may be necessary to move one of the fixtures to a pay-and-play site such as the North Wales Tennis Centre in Wrexham, in which case there may be a small share of the court hire charges to be covered collectively by the two teams.

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