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Revised coronavirus restrictions from 13 July

We have been advised by Tennis Wales that they have agreed revised pandemic restrictions with the government of Wales. Most significantly, the stipulation that doubles play is restricted to doubles partners living in the same household has been removed - doubles play is now allowed as normal, with the proviso that all players must maintain 2 metres social distancing. Additionally, group coaching sessions are also allowed - see below. The following information has been updated accordingly.

You must not attend the club without booking a court beforehand - go to the online booking page and login to your ClubSpark account.  The maximum amount of time that can be booked per day is 1.5 hours (two members can, of course, book up to 3 hours per day between them).

Do not enter the club grounds until the time of your booking and stay 2 metres+ from anyone on your booked court until they depart.  Stay well clear of other club users as you arrive/leave and whilst playing.

The following restrictions must also be adhered to:

1.    Do not come to the club if feeling in any way unwell
2.    Bring hand sanitizer and sanitize hands just prior to entering the club grounds
3.    The clubhouse is closed - DO NOT ENTER
4.    Net heights have been set and handles removed, do not try to adjust
5.    Only handle your own racket and personal (marked) tennis balls
6.    Return tennis balls from adjacent courts by kicking or using your racket
7.    Either remain at same court ends or change at opposite ends of the net
8.    The gate will not be padlocked but if leaving three empty courts please CLOSE THE GATE BEHIND YOU

Group coaching is now permitted - see for details.

Members may bring guests as usual.  As is always the case, members are responsible for paying the guest fee before playing - go to the guest fee page - and members are responsible for ensuring their guest follows all rules and guidance.

If you know anyone who would like to become a member we're now open to new memberships, please direct them to join via the website.

Tennis Wales' full updated guidance can be read here.

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Notices placed at entrance to club

Tennis Wales updated guidance, July 2020
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