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Courts 1 & 2 like new once more

Following the work undertaken on 20 June, a decision was taken by the club's management committee to have the paint surface re-applied on courts 1 and 2 this year.

Dualway Courts had successfully cleaned Court 3 to keep the surface from becoming slippery, however when they started work on Courts 1 and 2 they found that the paint was flaking away.  They consequently only lightly cleaned those courts, but with the top surface clearly no longer sound the club was left with a decision on what to do next - the paint contains fine grit to improve grippiness, and with a large amount of bare tarmac showing through, the surface was likely to fall below required grip levels.

The options available were to have these courts re-sprayed this year with no additional cleaning costs (and in all likeliness no need to have them cleaned next year) or to leave re-painting until next year, saving that cost for this year but incurring pre-paint cleaning costs in 2018.


The management committee took the decision to have 1 and 2 repainted this year, and consequently Dualway courts gave those courts a thorough deep-clean in early July and on Monday 28 August they were back to apply a new top coating.

After painting the courts cannot be used for at least 3 days - hence Court 1 and Court 2 will next be in use for Club Play on Thursday 31 August.

The work carried out does not come cheap, at £1200 per court.  The painted top surface is supposed to last for 3-4 years and courts 1 and 2 were painted only two years ago, after the courts were completely resurfaced (Court 3 was painted only last year). However the first paint coat after resurfacing often doesn't last as long as there can still be some bitumen seepage, which hinders adhesion, even though they were left as bare tarmac for a number of weeks before painting.  The expectation is that the new painted surfaces will last at least 3 years this time.

The most important thing is that we maintain our most important asset to ensure it does not deteriorate and continues to provide the best possible playing surface on which our members can enjoy some great tennis!

Courts 1 & 2 prior to the repainting

Courts 1 & 2 looking fresh and new once more

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