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New perimeter fence installed

Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club has a new perimeter fence for the first time in 25-30 years.

The old fence has been in need of replacement for some time as the plastic coating on the chain-link fencing had cracked, causing the metal wire to corrode and break.  The bottom edge of the fencing had also lifted up in places after all those years of being hit by tennis balls, meaning balls would sometimes disappear under the fence.

We've paid a little extra to have thicker chain-link this time around, so it should last for many decades to come.  We've also taken the opportunity to improve the fencing - how many times have you served into the corner of Court 2 only to lose the ball in the hedge?!  Well, no longer, as that corner has now been fenced in and a new gate access installed onto Court 2.  This also means courts 1 and 2 are wheelchair accessible.

A further improvement has been made to the fence between courts 2 and 3 - we now have full height fencing at either end, so serves and cross-court shots will no longer tend to end up on the adjacent court.

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