Enjoy a month's membership for just £1!

Unlimited access* to our friendly club for 1 month!

This promotion has now expired.

Reasons to try us out

Image by Josephine Gasser

Unlimited access*

Unlimited access* to our courts and clubs socials. You can also try out our coaching programme for 2 weeks free of charge. This is an incredible offer at just £1.

Tennis Court

Excellent facilities

3 all weather courts for you to enjoy which are in very good condition and are always well maintained.

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For all ages & abilities

Tennis is a game for life. Pick up a racket no matter your age, fitness level or tennis ability. Anyone is welcome at our club.

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Personalised trial

We really want you to enjoy your time at the club. Our coach will be in touch to find out about you and what you would like to get out of the club.

Tennis Players

Meet new friends

Don't worry if you don't know anyone. Hopefully your friend will sign up with you. Our coach can help you to meet others.


Improved fitness

Tennis is a full body workout and will help you burn lots of calories. We think it's a lot more fun than going to a gym!


* Within daily booking limits; trial memberships can book courts up to 4 days in advance (full paying memberships 7 days)