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​​New Club Chairman Richard Larkins

As Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club is an LTA Registered Place to Play we receive an allocation of show court tickets each year in proportion to the number of our members who linked their free British Tennis Membership to our club and opted it in for Wimbledon tickets before the deadline of 19th February, and these are tickets available for members to buy.  Where there is competition for the available tickets the club will hold its own internal draw (set for 8pm on Thursday 12th May).


2015-16 members who have renewed for 2016-17 may request to buy tickets as long as they opted into the Wimbledon ballot before the deadline. New members for 2016-17 may also request to buy tickets - they must register for an LTA account before tickets can be allocated to them, and this must be done at least 24 hours before the allocation takes place.


Anyone who's spent time at the AELTC during Wimbledon Fortnight will tell you what a superb experience it is, and access to these tickets is a worthwhile benefit of being a member of Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club!


If you would like to express an interest in one or more of the pairs of tickets listed here, please get in touch before end of Tuesday 10th May (now closed).

Members' Wimbledon tickets 2016

Ticket draw results

Our Wimbledon ticket draw took place at 8pm on Thursday 12th May in the presence of a number of members, several of whom had not requested tickets themselves.  The winners were drawn by non-requesting members Paul Stanhope and Lauren Stewart.


Please note that, whilst 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices are shown below, they were only relevant where no one had requested that option as their first choice.  Draws for other than first choices were only held when the tickets were not any member's first choice and where more than one member did not win their first choice.

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