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Club hopes to raise funds to re-coat Court 2, providing members a chance to

If you've been to the club in the last couple of weeks you'll have seen our brightly re-coated Court 3.  After volunteer members Dave Andrews, Ian Swain and Dave Hughes dealt with the moss, the club paid £1300 for the court to, first be powerwashed, and then be given a fresh application of the specialist protective paint coating.  But attention now turns to our other two courts.

The tennis court specialist who did the work on Court 3 expressed genuine concern that Court 2 ought not be left through another winter.  In its current condition a re-coat will protect it from further deterioration, but if the surface were to break up, it would then need to be re-laid with fresh porous macadam, which would cost around £10,000 per court, an amount the club could never afford.


Club funds are not too far away from the amount needed to re-coat Court 2, and the hope is that the required sum can be raised by members paying their next one or two years' membership fees in advance.


And as well as preserving our club's facilities for the future, this provides an opportunity for members to avoid fee increases for the next one or two years.

The difference is clear between Court 2 and newly re-coated Court 3

Court 2 is showing worrying signs of deterioration

Membership fees have not risen for the last 3 years, meaning it's a near certainty that fees will rise for the 2014-15 membership year.  But by paying subscription fees in advance, these rises can be avoided.


At this stage the club just wishes to determine how much could be raised through this approach.  That is, if you'd like to take part in this scheme, initially you just need to say so - please do so either by e-mailing, via the contact page, or by replying to the text you should have received on this subject no later than 31st August 2013. Please be sure to include the following information:

  • The type of membership to be advance-purchased
    i.e. family, adult or junior.

  • The number of advance years you'd like to buy
    i.e. either one year or two years.

If the indication is that sufficient advance funds will be raised, the scheme will go ahead and you'll be contacted in late August.  Actual payment of advance membership fees (if the scheme goes ahead) will be taken by cheque in early September.  Anyone taking up this offer will receive a letter confirming their advance subscription(s), signed by two of the club's trustees.


Advance membership subscription amounts, based on the full-year fees for 2013-14, are as follows:

Advance payment from 2014-15 (1 year)

  • Family: £120

  • Adult: £85

  • Junior: £35

Advance payment from 2014-16 (2 years)

  • Family: £240

  • Adult: £170

  • Junior: £70

So, let's hope we can manage to afford the Court 2 re-coating cost and ensure the surface is protected through winter 2013/14, meaning it's available for use for many years to come.

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