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Anyone who's been to the club over the winter will have seen that a significant moss problem has developed.  This is one of the downsides of the porous macadam court surface - it drains well, but as moisture can penetrate into the surface it can be quite easy for moss to take hold.

Three club members, Dave Andrews, Ian Swain and Dave Hughes, have therefore been busy tackling the problem by applying a solution that destroys the moss and turns it grey.  A test of the solution a few months ago proved that it did not discolour the court surface, and also that the moss did not return - the picture, right, has an area highlighted that was treated, and it's clear that the treatment was successful.

The next step will be to power-wash the courts, which will require a hose hook-up point, something that the clubhouse currently lacks.  However this is in hand as Nige Edwards has arranged for a plumber to undertake the installation of an outdoor tap, which will allow some willing volunteers to carry out the cleaning.

Moss Treatment Applied to Courts

The area circled was a test patch treated in November​

Update 25th February 2013

An outside tap has now been fitted at the clubhouse so we're now fully set-up to clean the courts.

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