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Clubhouse improvements

Our clubhouse is now accessible to all members and has also seen some useful improvements.

All members aged 18+ (apart from trial memberships) should have received an email providing the code to the key-box, which is situated to the right of the entrance.  To access the clubhouse members just need to enter the code and use the key-on-a-wire to unlock the door.  It's really important that members always lock the door when they leave the clubhouse, and put the key back inside the key box ensuring the key box door is properly closed.  They must also always leave the clubhouse clean and tidy as we don't employ a cleaner!

Inside, we now have the luxury (!) of warm running water!  An electric instant hot water system has been installed so that turning on the hot tap in either the kitchen or the toilet room will deliver water at a pleasant temperature (if you're the first person that day you might need to let it run for 20 seconds or so to allow time for the water to run through from the heating unit in the rear cupboard).  And we also now have a powerful, efficient and hygienic electric hand dryer in the toilet room.

The water heater and hand dryer fitting work was professionally carried out by local firm Sarl Mcone Ltd.

Below, some images showing the improvements...

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