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Please opt in to the Wimbledon Ballot

Update 17/2/2017: Thank you to everyone who opted in, we had a total of 60 opt-ins, so let's hope that gets us some decent tickets!

If you'd like to create a FREE British Tennis Membership and connect yourself to "Pen-y-ffordd LTC" so you're ready for next year's ballot, please follow the instructions below.  Remember that a BTM also opens up other benefits, such as allowing entry to official tournaments and giving you an official ranking.

In 2015 the LTA introduced a change to the way affiliated clubs' Wimbledon ticket allocations are determined such that even when a member of Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club has registered as a British Tennis Member (BTM) and has named "Pen-y-ffordd LTC" as their Place To Play, they still don't count towards the club's ticket allocation until they've logged on as a BTM and selected the opt-in option.  And the opt-in needs to be done every year.


In 2015 this resulted in our club receiving an allocation of only four pairs of tickets, as compared to six pairs the year before.  And none of the tickets were for Centre Court.  Last year, however, when our opt-ins improved, we had 9 pairs of tickets, three of which were for Centre Court.

A lack of Centre Court tickets is a particular blow for a club such as ours, which is quite a distance from the All England Lawn Tennis Club in London meaning there are significant costs (travel and quite likely a hotel) beyond the ticket cost.  This makes tickets for a roof-less court something of risk - a rainy day could potentially mean there is very little tennis to be seen in return.  Of course this isn't an issue for clubs close to London.


So let's not let all the best tickets go to tennis clubs in south-east England!  Remember, a BTM is free of charge to our members.  And when you opt in for Wimbledon tickets you are not committing to buy tickets, you're just helping our club to receive a better allocation to be made available for our members to buy.

It's very quick and easy to opt in...


  • If you already have a BTM you can login here, then just click the "Opt-In Now" button.

  • If you don't have a BTM you can sign up for free here - select JOIN TODAY under the CLUB MEMBERSHIP column, fill in your details and select CREATE ACCOUNT, then in the box labelled "Where is your membership held?" enter "Pen-y-ffordd LTC - CH4 0HN" and select "I am opting in for the Wimbledon Ballot 2016".


Even if you think you won't be interested in getting tickets this year, if you think you might possibly like them one year (or even if you think you might never be interested!), it costs nothing and it helps your club if you're opted in.  Thank you.


If you experience any difficulties in signing up for a BTM and/or opting in, please just get in touch.

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