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Local trust fund to assist with court resurfacing costs

A response has been eagerly awaited from the trustees of a local trust fund for some weeks after an application for funds was submitted in September. And when the news came it was good - the trustees have agreed to contribute £12,500 to the cost of resurfacing the club's three courts.

Management Committee members Dave Hughes, Val Stewart and Nige Edwards spent a considerable amount of time putting together the application, which pointed out the very healthy improvements in membership numbers and participation at the club, but also highlighted the medium to long-term threat faced by a rapid deterioration in the playing surfaces.


It had been hoped that a fresh application of specialist acrylic paint in summer 2013 would shore up the playing surfaces and allow them to last for many years to come.  However, whilst the work (which cost a total of £3900) undoubtedly improved matters (especially on least-worn Court 3) and provided a reasonable standard for this year and probably next year too, the surfaces have begun to break up again much sooner than hoped, forcing a realisation that full resurfacing is now required. It is, after all, around 25 years since the current surface was laid.


Quotations have been obtained for the courts to be resurfaced, and it's a very expensive job - the quotations all arrived at a cost of around £30,000.

A fresh coat of acrylic paint in 2013 improved appearance but failed to halt decay

With the club having almost gone out of existence in 2010, even with the large increase in membership, the courts would be unplayable before membership income could accumulate to a level required to fund such a large capital expenditure. So if the club is to continue it was essential to obtain some form of external support.  The amount of £12,500 is a massive boost, however it's also clearly not enough to cover the full cost.  So there is still work to be done in securing additional external funds, and options are currently being considered.


If sufficient additional funds can be obtained then the hope is that the resurfacing work can be carried out in 2015.  So with luck the members of our tennis club, both current and future, can look forward to some nice even bounces before too long!

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