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Singles Ladder Competition

A singles ladder competition is now open to all members of Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club.  The ladder has been organised by committee member Simon Briscoe and it provides a great opportunity for players to test themselves against other club members in friendly competition.


Anyone who would like to join the ladder, please just get in touch and Simon will add you in.


As there were too few women expressing interest in joining a ladies' ladder competition, the competition is open to both men and women (and also junior members, where appropriate).


Entry is subject to a nominal £3 entry fee, which must be paid to Simon when entering.  Results must be submitted to Simon after completion of each match, and he will provide an updated ladder list to participants on a regular basis.


The starting order for the ladder has been drawn at random, so whilst it will not normally be possible to challenge someone more than 3 places above, each competitor is allowed one "flying challenge", which allows them to arrange a match against anyone, at any position on the ladder.


See here for the full set of rules for the ladder competition.



If you're unsure about whether to enter, don't be shy!  Why not give it a go?  At a cost of £3 there's almost nothing to lose!

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