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courts must come before clubhouse

Management Committee re-assess priorities and decide that

Members of Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club will no doubt have noticed in the last couple of weeks that the courts are now looking really good! All three courts have been moss treated, power-washed and applied with several coats of specialist protective green paint. These improvements have not come cheap however, as the power-washing and re-coating service costs £1,300 per court.

As reported at the end of July, a scheme was made available for members to pay membership subscription fees early for the next one or two years.  The hope was that sufficient funds could be raised through this scheme to allow Court 2 to be re-coated, Court 3 having been completed earlier in the year.


However, when the court maintenance specialist, Barry Hobson, visited our facilities he was very concerned about leaving Court 1 to the ravages of another winter without fresh protection.  If the surface were to break up it would need to be re-laid, which would cost in the region of £10,000 per court!


£500 donation from Redrow


As was also reported in July, the club received a £500 donation from housebuilders Redrow, and the hope was that these funds could be used to finally level the clubhouse floor and lay a laminate wood floor covering, with the intention that access to clubhouse keys could be made available to the wider membership.  However the possibility that we could lose our playing surface led the club's management committee to re-evaluate the use of these funds - the court surfaces are obviously more important than the clubhouse.


And the committee are also making enquiries into a suggestion that there may be some outstanding Building Regulation paperwork in relation to the clubhouse, which provides another reason to suspend further clubhouse work at this time.

Court 1 was looking decidedly jaded back in February 2013

Court 1 in September 2013, restored to its former glory!

However, at a total cost of nearly £4000, even with advance membership payment pledges and use of the Redrow donation, the club could not afford to re-coat all three courts at this time.  This was ultimately made possible by a generous offer from court maintenance specialist Barry Hobson to agree to defer payment for one court until June 2015 (interest free).  This is the latest date by which this payment must be made, and the club will endeavour to settle this amount sooner, if possible.


Those who have pledged to make advance membership payments will be contacted over the next few weeks.  And hopefully everyone will agree that our tennis facilities are now at a standard that we can be proud of, providing an excellent facility to our community.  Enjoy!

The courts back in February 2013

Things are looking a lot brighter now

Some club members enjoy the rejuvenated playing surfaces

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